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हिंदूंचे खरे वैरी हिंदूच ... !

Hindus are the worst enemies of the Hindus

Tarun Vijay
08 February 2013, 02:15 PM IST

In his celebrated novel Jai Somnath, veteran scholar and the founder of Bharatiiya Vidya Bhawan KM Munshi has depicted a Hindu high caste character called Shivrashi who helps Ghazanavi to come inside the Somnath temple while the Hindu forces under the leadership of Parmar kings stand at guard outside resisting the movements of the foreign invader. Hindus were defeated by cunningness and backstabbing by a Hindu priest who helped a foreign invader in pursuit of his personal gains.

The priest was beheaded by Ghaznavi as soon as he reached inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, but Hindus, on the verge of a victory, with Dharma on their side and empowered with the valour of the highest order, couldn’t save Somnath.

I fear the Hindus could repeat the same story of snatching defeat from the jaws of a victory at a time when the entire nation is waiting anxiously to have the change affected soon.

In every single case of assault on Hindu sensitivities and their faith, it's the Hindu hand that shows up helping the neo-Ghauris and Ghaznavis. A Hindu leader in order to win legitimacy and benefit politically has to prove he is not communal and that he doesn’t care for the Hindu sensitivities. He will always always be expected to stand with the forces inimical to the Hindu faith and declare that he wants only the financial prosperity, without caring for the faithful’s heart and mind. A Pakistani friend in Islamabad had told me, ostensibly in a lighter vein, that Hindus can only become Todarmals and Birbals, the court jesters and accountants, munims under a Muslim king. They don’t have the abilities to rule and make the enemies perish. I smiled and simply said one line- 'is that the reason we celebrate 16th December 1971 as a victory day? How conveniently you forget the last four defeats and feel that acting like cowards and thieves in the garb of Jihadis, who can only hurt through killing the innocent, unarmed is the matter of some honour?'

He was silenced and never broached this subject again, but back home when I see the Hindu Gods and Goddesses being painted in nude and all the Hindu editors and reporters standing with the Hindu painter who didn’t feel hesitant while creating those so called objects of art, and who would shudder even in his dreams to use this same freedom to draw ‘artfully’ the nude caricatures of any Christian or a Muslim object of reverence and faith, I feel I must have a re-look at that ‘Todarmal’ statement.

Here is a Hindu film director and music composer having pride in depicting a song on ‘sexy Radha’ that drew only feeble resistance in some quarters and all the so called Hindu leaders chose to remain silent fearing their secular credentials would be affected if they declared the song as offensive. Nobody will even publish a line in defense of those faithful who chant Radha's name daily, almost every moment as the goddess of Mukti and Nirvana. No sir, they are backward, foolish, discardable elements, who can only be mocked at.

Remember how Nana Patekar's film, that bore the name 'mustafa' was changed? And bending knees on Vishwaroopam? And look, then they compare the Kashmir rock band story with Bangalore's nude paintings!! Did the Kashmiri girls offend the faithful or their icons or insult the prophet? How can the ban on the rock band, justifiably condemnable, be compared with the nude paintings of Hindu Gods?

This makes me wonder if we Hindus are perhaps good only to become engineers to build roads, develop software, make good money while we are ruled and denigrated by those who have a different, often offensive attitude towards us.

We must remain silent to all those legitimate Hindu assertions which were crushed during the foreign colonial rule and which remain so under the same colonial mindset of desi variety.

Every time a good, secular, pluralistic, capable Hindu has tried to rise to the top job with his abilities and proven acumenship, he was opposed and almost trounced by Hindus. High caste, highly scholastic, learned and well-respected figures amongst the Hindus, belonging to various shades of secular groups and organisations,  fight and plan to defeat the prospects of another Hindu leader.

We have perfected the art of desecrating and denigrating Hindu ethos and Hindu camaraderie. When a Hindu is in distress, the first kick comes from those who are supposed to be his saviors.  And they give very ‘valid’ reasons for it.  So much have the Hindus gained in power and strength and created a Hindu awakening that in spite of being 80% and having adorned high positions, Hindu refugees from Kashmir have not been facilitated to return with safety and honor.

Holy cow is like our mother and Hindu philanthropists are doing so much to save her progeny and help her gain the position she deserves. Yet in every city, cows die of plastic chewing, no effective ban on cow slaughter has been possible in this land of Gopal Krishna. The first major voices to increase cow slaughter come from Hindus, the voices declaring beef as the essential food item and a ‘very delicious one’ too are raised and mischievously published in their columns by Hindus.

Hindu billionaires, editors, reporters and investigative analysts run most of the media houses. Yet it will be interesting to find a single columnist representing a faithful Hindu viewpoint or a scheduled caste editor, reporter, news desk in charge on their esteemed work stations.  Anything Hindu has to be derided mocked at and trivialized. Come Valentine day and you will find reporter after reporter trying to find a cornered, ill-informed and a foul mouthed person, bearing a Hindu name to say something that will be a masala to the Hindu baiter media and the non descript person’s views would be flaunted on international press as the representative statement of the Hindu right. So the moral is- be like us or be condemned. They have a right to celebrate any day, but no one else has a right to be critical. It gives them a sadistic pleasure to hit at Hindus whether its through defending a nude painting of Hindu Gods by a Sainnath in Bangalore or a Ganesha on the toilet seats in the US.

Hindu leaders from various political parties were the fiercest opponents to re-build a temple at the place where billions believe Ram was born.

Hindus conspired and almost implemented the proposal to demolish the bridge that was built by Ram.

They had the glorious chapters on Vedas and Bhagwadgita, the greatest Indian contributions to the world of thought and philosophy, kept out from any school curriculum run officially in India.

They ensured that Vande Mataram, a beautiful ode to Mother India is sung truncated and not in its full form calling it ‘communal in tone’.

It were Hindus, the devout, faithful, daily puja performer Hindus who coined and put in currency the word ‘Hindu terror’ and ‘Hindu terrorists’.

Give us votes and we will have our own brother in arms decimated to the delight of the enemies across the border.

Ayodhya movement was all about a paradigm change in this scenario. It was not exactly a movement to build a structure of bricks and mortar but to instill a sense of pride in being Hindu ( what Swami Vivekananda said) and proclaim that if India is living democratic values and a universally acclaimed pluralistic faith, its because Hindus are in majority and they have always been like that. The best guarantee to the safety of democracy, equal rights to all, resisting a theocracy and protecting pluralism in India is to respect and safeguard Hindu values. Deriding, insulting and humiliating Hindus will only give rise to extreme elements shaking the foundations of our constitution and bringing us closer to become like our Islamic neighbours.

It is for the sake of India’s glory and progress that the same Ayodhya spirit needs to be revived and strengthened. I hope the Dharm Sansad at Kumbh will ensure this will happen.



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siddharam patil photo

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