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प्राण शक्ती, श्वास आणि प्राणायाम

प्राणायामाच्या नियमित अभ्यासाने श्वासावर नियंत्रण येते. प्राणशक्तीचे नियमन होते. श्वास आणि प्राण याविषयीची एक महत्वाची बातमी ...

Catch your breath...know your Health

December 5, 2011

By Yogi Ashwini
Count the number of times you breathe in a minute. Now look at the mirror.

Vedic rishis have said that if your breath count is less than 10 per minute, you

will exude youth, beauty and glow. If it is above 15, you have fallen prey to
disease, sadness and old age.
Breath is a direct indicator of your state of being. You derive vital prana

(energy) from the breath you take in. When the body is under stress, cells
consume prana at a faster rate. Consequently the body gasps for more breath and
the breathing rate is higher.
When you breathe at a faster pace, the body while producing greater amount of

energy, also generates toxins (ama) in proportionate amount as an equal and
opposite reaction. This ama causes corrosion of body cells and accelerates the
ageing process.
We will understand this with an example. A dog breathes 25-30 times a minute;

its average life span is 12-15 years. Compare this to the 100-150 years a
tortoise lives. Do you know the breath count of a tortoise? It is two-three
breaths per minute.
More is not always good. Prana should be optimum. Sanatan Kriya, the age-old

tool of the Vedic rishis, optimises the pranic consumption of the cells and
makes them efficient and healthy. The efficacy of the practice has been
established at the prestigious Indian Medical Association (IMA), where doctors
recorded a drop of 15 counts in the heart rate of a practitioner during 50
minutes of strenuous asanas.
You derive vital energy from breath, touch, food, sight and sound. Looking at

vibrant energies, hearing vibrant chants and positive things, touching the vital
energy present in certain centres of your body and looking at the energy
emanating from evolved souls are all sources of prana for you.
It is often said that you become what you follow, just like that these become

the source of prana for you. So if you follow the sun, you will imbibe its
brightness within you; if you follow a monkey, you will end up dancing around
How you absorb this prana is what a guru tells you as per your requirement. He

might give you all or might ignore you; all depends on your capacity. As you
absorb more vital prana, there are subtle changes in you and your life, which
indicate that you are on the right path.
We are all divine beings going through a human experience. We need a guru to

give us the experience and make us aware of the divinity and hidden powers
inside. So find your anchor and get your experience lest you waste this life!
Yogi Ashwini, an authority on yoga, tantra and the Vedic sciences, is the

guiding light of Dhyan Foundation. He is the author of Sanatan Kriya: 51
Miracles... And a Haunting



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